Why breath work is the right starting point when you want to work your way out from pains and restrictions in your body?

Hi, I’m Coach Ansku

I created this course, because I wanted to enable more people having access to these simple tools that once helped me so much in working my way out from a burnout and the pains and aches that came along with it!

For me, burnout was very much a physical experience; when your system has all the alarms on without the ability to turn them off, it gets very hard to congnitively process it. Your mind is full of anxiety, but you cannot really pinpoint exactly one reason why and therefore it is a situation that can be extremely hard to unfold.

So calming down the body first allows you to get into that clear headspace in which you are able to actually get into the root cause of the issue.

And the benefits don't even stop there! Because most movement restrictions and aches in our bodies are simply caused by our inability to let go; whenever our brains consider something as a possible threat to our safety, it increases extension tone through out our bodies. That helps us perform better and react quicker. But the problem is when that becomes the state in which our system is constantly in:

  • Over wired
  • Prepared
  • Tensed up
  • Stressed out

Then we want to help our bodies get out from that state into a state where we can truly relax, restore and repair. And these tools will help you do that!

This mini course will help you;

1) Gain more understanding towards your body

2) Have the right tools that will help you calm down an anxious mind and a stressed out body


In this course, you will be introduced to 4 different techniques, all geared towards calming down your nervous system and by doing that; calming down your body and your mind. It is all connected!

We help the body enter into a state of physiological recovery

We create more space there where the body is compressed

We create more strength there where we need it the most

Get started!


For whom is this course for?

This is a very accessible course to all levels and ages as everything is scalable to your level!

What is included in price?

This course consists of 4 low level breath drills that are very suitable for all levels.

You will receive both; written instructions and video instructions for proper execution of these drills.

All of my knowledge from the field of human movement from the past 12 Years!

*You will have access to all of the course content for 6 months from the date of the purchase