You know the "WHAT"

I teach you the "HOW"

Behind all movements is a body that can move. So when you want to reach a specific goal, more important than the "WHAT"
becomes the "HOW".

The last thing you want to do is to force something on your body that is not there; you need to build the ability in your body first before you practice the skill.

This way you can be sure that what you are building is more health into your body and not pain! That's is the starting point of all of the MovAbility programs!


Mobility refers to the amount of active, usable ranges of motion you have in your joints. The more you have it, the more movements are available to you.

By building your Mobility, what you are building is more freedom of movement and health into your body!

Our joints were meant to move daily, that's how you maintain their function. Functional and pain free body, then is a result of well designed and consistent Mobility practice


= the ability to do something well

= expertise

When you have a body that moves like you want it to, building the specific skill on top becomes easy!

Mobility works as the base layer for all specific skills; when you first gain access to the movements you are asking from your body, it becomes very easy to build the skill on top!

Hi, I’m Coach Ansku

I'm offering these programs and classes for to allow everybody to reach the goals that they have in a safe manner!

Mobility is probably the most over looked part of training and I believe it is because people fail to see any results from it. And yes, unfortunately that is also very much true. The traditional methods of stretching, foam rolling and random mobility exercises lack a key ingredient; Strength training.

So the main difference between the concepts that you may have already come across and this concept is the aspect that we don't just expand ranges of motion, but we also want to strengthen them and make sure we can control them.

This allows you to have very long lasting results and results that you will feel immediately also in your sports! So jump on board if you want to reduce aches and pains and reach the goals that you have because you deserve them :)

The backbone of my coaching is formed by the Functional Range Systems and Postural Restoration techniques.

With Postural Restoration we can create the base that everything else gets built upon. By starting with the breathing first, we can make sure that we first shape the body from the inside before we start building it from the outside.

The next step is to target those individual joints with FRC principles. Functional Range Conditioning, or FRC®, is a trademarked system of mobility and joint control training, which, unlike many current systems, is based in scientific principals and research.

This invaluable, and innovative training system improves the ability to control, and move ones own body.

Some of the benefits from we get from using the FRC techniques:

  • Improved mobility & flexibility
  • Improved movement
  • Stronger and healthier joints
  • Improved balance and body control
  • Improved athletic performance
  • Decreased injury rates